Sunday, February 23, 2014

Favorite Online Shops - Chichwish

Spring is finally starting to arrive and it's time to brighten up the wardrobe with some warm and playful colors. I've been wearing too much black lately. 
I've been enjoying the early spring sunshine cuddled warmly under a blanket. I caught a very persistent flu/influenza and been stuck in bed for over a week now, but nothing my concoction of lemon juice, ginger, honey and green tea can't fix.

When I'm bored I have a very bad habit of shopping online: If I can't wear pretty clothes I at least want to see others wear them! And since I really do think my wardrobe has turned too black I need some items to brighten it up a bit so what better way to do that then online shopping, right? 
(or posting pictures of previous trips to warm places...)

I've recently ordered a very cute-chic dress from Chicwish, and I adore their collections. It is a indie online-store that offers affordable and fashion-forward items. If I were ever to set up an online store, I'd just take over this shop haha! 
I was a bit worried to order from the shop the first time, since there's some spelling mistakes here and there and the shipping wasn't made that clear and my work-colleague experienced some problems when ordering. But all my worries were flushed away when I got my pretty dress intact and faster than the estimated shipping time. 
(Picture from Chicwish)

I ordered this cutie, if you like it, check it out here, it's still on sale! I'll be sure to post a picture of the dress on me once I heal up!

I picked a few of my favorite new arrivals, but I have to stop looking at the website now or I'll end up buying everything.
 I have homemade humus with carrots and a movie with the best company waiting for me, stay tuned next week and have a lovely Sunday!


(All outfit pictures from Chicwish)


  1. Too much black? I don't understand!

    t: kummitus

  2. Beautiful outfits!

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  3. great photo and wonderful pieces!
    happy day!


  4. Love all of them! My favorite is the black dress!
    Greetings from Italy

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